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A down and dirty gem of a tale—a twisty and twisted crime novel that evokes the worlds of George V. Higgins, Patricia Highsmith, and David Mamet, destined to be a Neo-noir classic.

Rick and Frank are recovering addicts and accomplished house thieves. They do not steal randomly - - they steal according to order, hired by a mysterious handler. The jobs run routinely until they’re tasked with taking a seemingly worthless trophy: an object that generates interest and obsession out of proportion to its apparent value.
Just as the robbery is completed, the two are involved in a freak car accident that sets off a chain of events and Frank disappears with the trophy. As Rick tries to find Frank, he is forced to confront his past, upending both his livelihood and his sense of reality. The narrative builds steadily into a powerful and shocking climax.  Reveling in its con-artistry and double-crosses, Just Thieves is a nail-biting, noirish exploration of the working lives of two unforgettable crooks and the hidden forces that rule and ruin their lives.

  • Alex Award

  • BBYA (Best Book for Young Adults

  • Top 200 Book for Teens in Past 20 Years

"Anna Cayne had moved here in August, just before our sophomore year in high school, but by February she had, one by one, killed everyone in town."


Anna Cayne is slightly spooky and complicated, with a penchant for Houdini, games, and ghost stories.  She is unlike anyone the narrator has ever known, and they make an unlikely, though happy pair.  Then right before Valentine's Day, Anna disappears, leaving behind only a black dress near a hole in the frozen river, and unanswered questions.  Desperate to find her, the narrator begins to reconstruct the past five months, and the curious events, intimate conversations, and anonymous messages that still arrive, begin to reveal secrets and call into question friends, relatives, and maybe even Anna.


16-year-old Adam Strand is trapped.  He lives in a dead-end Iowa town and sees the dead-end lives of his parents and friends and wants out.  He doesn't want to grow up, doesn't want to grow old, doesn't want time to take him anywhere, so he decides to end his life.  The only problem is that it doesn't end.  He comes back.  Over and over again.


Adam has to go on, and slowly, with the help of friends and strangers, and despite himself, Adam learns that his connection to the world is stronger than he thinks.


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