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14 Oct. 2021


Writing Workshops and Appearances



I've been fortunate to talk with numerous high school and college classes about my writing, as well as lead students through a few writing exercises I learned at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and still use in my own work.


The exercises introduce and develop techniques that will not only help students in their own creative writing, but all writing in general.  We start with the basic question: How to get started? and move through exercises that focus on observation and (time permitting) collaboration and developing a voice.


I've customized the writing sessions for specific needs, but prefer smaller class sizes (no more than 20 people) and longer class time (about 1 1/2 hours for each session).  I've also done sessions over more than 1 day with the same groups, which is ideal.


One teacher has said about the experience, "I have students who keep in touch with me and express that Mr. Galloway’s visit was one of their most important and memorable experiences in high school."


If interested in having me visit your classroom, please contact Penguin Author Appearance Coordinator or contact me directly.




Mysterious Bookshop




16 Oct. 2021


The Wish House
Cornwall, CT
UNESCO City of Literature Book Festival

Iowa City, IA

23 Oct. 2021


27 Oct. 2021


The Poisoned Pen Bookstore

Scottsdale, AZ

6 PM
3-5 PM
11:30 AM
5 PM
Virtual Event
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